Water Pollution? Who cares at least it’s not the Apocalypse!

Greetings once again from H2O.N.,

I am posting again to get your opinion on this paper that I have been working on for a while and I thought it would be a good idea to post portions of it onto the blog in order to spark some ideas about water pollution.

Water is a great resource on our planet Earth. Since the creation of our planet water has helped us, nourished us, and shielded us from dangers of sickness, and disease. Being human, our bodies are made up of 70 percent of water (faqs). To this very day water has kept its importance in our lives, fueling us throughout our daily routines, and journeys. However as great as water may seem it has negatives aspects to it as well. Water today has become polluted, polluted with products created by man, such as, petroleum, radioactive, heat, and sewage pollution (Water Pollution Society). Many if not all pollutants in water are manmade and are very hard to be reversed. For instance take radioactive water pollution or better known as irradiated water for example. Radioactive water pollution is created when water is taken from a nearby lake or river and used in a nuclear power plant in order to cool itself. Once that water has been heated from the radiation from diffusion of heat and radiation it is dumped back into the source where it came from thus endangering many of the aquatic fish and vegetation in the vicinity causing major problems in the ecology and environment as well as habitat (Water Pollution Society). Another example of a very tough water pollutant would be petroleum pollution. Petroleum pollution comes in the form of oil spills and amounts of oil in a certain body of water such as an ocean, river or even a lake. An example of petroleum is what just happened to the gulf coast just months ago when 205,800,000 gallons of oil spilt out of an oil rig damaging all of the gulf and the marine life that came with it. Many ecosystems were damaged some not even able to be repaired, the damage was deadly. Many kinds of species of fish and other aquatic life died during this human caused error and there are no words that can be said to forgive what has been done to our environment and our planet.

Please feel free to state your opinion of water pollution and as always,

Thank your for your participation



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